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Wood Turners Tool Cart  
Wood Turning Tool Cart Plans

       If you have the equipment and skill set you can construct the R5-P Tool Cart using our detailed plans. The plans are large, easy to read and optimized for material use. You can build a cart from a single sheet of plywood!

The maindifferences between the R6-Kit and the R5-Plans built kit are the turret assemblies and the general organic shape of the chassis.

The R6 Turrets are compatible with the R5-P Tool Cart. Some of our customers build the R5-P chassis and then purchase turret and swing table kits.

If you prefer to speed up the build process by at least 50% then check out our R5-P Fast Build Kit( shown below). This kit will save you a time and money.


       2014 represents a milestone for Montana-Designs. We have been supporting Woodturners with Plans, Turret and Tool Cart Kits for over three years. The R6 represents the 6th generation and is our best. We carefully package our products and include documentation that is educational and informative to give you a full understanding how to assemble our kits.

Serious woodturners typically have a sizable money investment in tooling. Tool storage becomes a big problem. Some use 5 gal buckets, others build wall racks to hold the long handled tools and then relinquish the chucks and hundreds of other bits and pieces into drawers around the shop. The R6 Tool Cart changes all of that. Now you can locate all your tools, chucks, centers, forstner bits, dividers, sanding discs etc. in one movable location next to your lathe. If you live where rust is an issue a simple cover can be made.

The R6 Tool Cart kit is cut on precision CNC machines. Each cart is fit checked prior to shipping so you will not have any problems. The kit uses predrilled pilot holes so you don’t have to measure anything. Just match the wood edges , back drill and install the screws. Your primary effort will be finishing the edges of the plywood and cutting the PVC tubing to length and applying a finish coat. It is not hard to do! It’s not quite IKEA simple but very close.

The R6 Tool Cart Kit includes the T15, T20 Turrets and the Swing Table. You can add the mini-turrets later as your needs expand. Explore our website to learn how to build the kits and see what else you can do with them.

R5-P Fast Build Kit
Wood Turners Tool Turrets  

      The R5-P Fast Build Kit represents savings of nearly 40% over individually purchased kits.

Wood Turners Swing Table
         If you don’t need a Tool Cart perhaps one of our “Turret Kits” would help you organize your tooling. They are easy to build, stackable and can be configured many different ways. Turners have installed a lazy susan bearing and just set them on a desk, others have stacked them on long poles adjacent to their lathes. Our turret design is flexible. You can make the tubes ANY length you want. If you don’t like the business end of the tool pointing up you can extend the tube, add an interface dent on the PVC tube and the business end is pointing down. I invite you to look over Montana-Designs.com to see various mounting techniques.

If you’re just getting into the hobby the T12 is an ideal first turret. It will support the long tools and can stand alone or be installed on the tool cart later on as your needs develop. All turrets are compatible with all of our Tool Carts including the R5-P Plans built cart.


       One of the unique features of our Tool Cart is the Swing Table. The Swing Table allows you to position tools closely to your work. The tool turrets are for the long term storage while the Swing Table is primarily used when you actually are cutting, shaping and sanding. Think of it as a second set of hands that are always at the right location at the right time.

The main purpose of the R6 Tool Cart is to centralize all your tooling, finish material etc. at the lathe. As you transition from one phase to another a new suite of tools are needed. The Swing table is the perfect place to put these transitional tooling. Easy to get at, easy to move out of the way.

The Swing Table is part of the R6 Tool Cart but it can also be used in a number of other application. In its basic form, it is a articulated arm that pivots around a point. You can mount anyone of the mini-turrets on the end of arm (first remove the table). When installed on the tool carts it conviently docks over the top of the cart without expanding the cart envelope.

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