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Effective April 16, 2014

- R6 Tool Cart "Kits" -


R6 Tool Cart Kits are shipped via USPS approximately 3 weeks after receipt of payment. Other kits are shipped USPS approximately 1 week after payment.

    Notes:   Shipping/Handling quotes are for the Contiguous United States (lower 48) unless otherwise specified. If you are purchasing the R6 Tool Cart please select the appropriate Buy Now button. (Lower 48 or Alaska & Hawaii)        
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R6 Tool Cart Kit
$478.89 + $96 S/H

        The R6 Tool Cart Kit contains all componets to build the cart with the following exceptions:
Screws, PVC irrigations pipe (available from LOWES / HomeDepot type hardware stores, Adjustable Tooling Shelves and finish coat material.

The builder will finish the surface, edges of the wood components (sand/radius). Cut the PVC tubing to the specified length and deburr.


Shipping to
Lower 48


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$478.89 + $145 S/H

Qty 1 R6 Chassis Kit
Qty 1 R6-P29 Pivot Pole Kit
Qty 1 R6-SWT Kit
Qty 1 T20 Turret Kit
Qty 1 T20 Tool Stop
Qty 1 T15Turret Kit
Qty 1 T15 Tool Stop
Qty 1 R6-W Wheel Kit (includes Axel)
Qty 1 Assembly Instructions


The R6 Kit shipping weight is close to 70lbs. We cannot add anything to this package without exceeding USPS weight maximums.

Shipping to
Alaska or Hawaii
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T12 Turret Kit Bundle R6- SWT Swing Table Kit  
$107.56 + $19.85 S/H

       The R6-SWT Swing Table Kit contains all materials to build the Swing Table with the exception of: Finish Material. The builder will be required to sand/radius the surface, edges and apply a finish coat.


Qty 1 R6-SWT Kit
Qty 1 Pivot Pin Long
Qty 1 Pivot Pin Short
Qty 2 Die-Cut Bearing Small
Qty 1 Die-Cut Bearing Large

Qty 1 1 1/2" Pivot Pole
Qty 1 Assembly Instructions

T15/T20 Turret Bundle

R6-P29 Pivot Pole Kit

$35.34 + $15.77S/H

       The Pivot Poles kits are offered for those builders that are building turrets from our kits and are having a difficult time finding the right material or they may have to purchase more than they need. The R6-P29 is specifically designed for use in the R3/R4/R5 and R6 Tool Cart Chassis

Shipping to
Lower 48

Qty 1 1 1/2" O.D. x .058 wall x 29" long Polished Aluminum
Qty 1 Adjustable Turret Stop

R6-P47 Pivot Pole Kit  
$58.77 + $17.20S/H

       The R6-P47 Pivot Pole kit is for those builders that may want to stack turrets for wall mounting etc. See example here.

Shipping to
Lower 48
Includes: Qty 1 1 1/2" O.D. x .058 wall x 47" long Polished Aluminum
Qty 2 Adjustable Turret Stop
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